Hi, I’m Damini. I am a self-taught photographer. I picked up a camera 7 years ago
when my boyfriend (now my husband) purchased our first starter Nikon. It all
started as a hobby and slowly turned into a passion as I learned more about
correct techniques.
My siblings and I are probably one of very few who have photo albums filled
with pictures from our childhood. My dad always loved to capture the most
memorable moments of us growing up and I believe my passion for photography
came from him. He never got the chance to express his creativity professionally
because, in our family, photography was not an option as a career. Perhaps, for
this reason, I had never considered photography as more than just a hobby for
I graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelors of Biology a few years
ago. And now, I have the opportunity to pursue my passion and fulfill
my dreams of capturing memories of the people I will work with the support
from my complete opposite better half.
Some of my favorite things to do outside of photography are: spend time with
my family and friends, travel, cooking, DIY projects and be around babies!!